Handyman Gifts 2024 Carpenter Ornament, Handyman Ornament, dad Ornament - Tools and Toolbox - Easy to Personalize at Home - Comes in a Gift Box so It's Ready for Giving

$14.99 USD $19.99 USD
Great handyman gift, ornament, maintenance man gifts or carpenter gift! Also perfect as a father's day gift for that handy dad! Beautiful and colorful detailing with polished resin, this ornament is easy to personalize at home. Includes a tips and tricks mini brochure to help guide you and mistakes can be easily corrected! Includes a 2024 hang tag to commemorate the year and comes in a gift box so it's ready for giving. Perfect handyman gifts, maintenance gifts, carpenter ornament, handyman christmas ornament, carpenter christmas ornament, christmas gifts for dad, father's day gift and more!

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