2024 Gecko Ornament or Lizard Christmas Ornament, Bearded Dragon Christmas Ornament - Stunning Multi-Color Wood, Handcrafted Two-Tone Intarsia Design, with Gift Box

$17.99 USD $19.99 USD

Beautiful handcrafted gecko lizard ornament is a great christmas gift for anyone who loves these adorable little lizards, or is a great gift idea for lizard owners, bearded dragon owners, or gecko lovers. Geckos symbolize life, death and renewal so it can also be a wonderful memorial gift. This 2024 gecko ornament comes complete with a hang tag to commemorate the year. This stunning 3" wood ornament features two-tone wood colors and is a solid, handcrafted piece with smooth edges and beautiful high quality finishing. All items we carry are results of many hours of skillful craftsmanship with utmost attentions to details. They make great lizard gifts, beareded dragon gifts, leopard gecko ornament, bearded dragon ornament, salamander ornament, and more. Comes in a gift box so it's ready for giving.


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